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Private Patent ® / The deposit of an idea / Guide

Es ist Ihnen moeglich an der Entwicklung von Private Patent freiwillig beizutragen in dem Sie diese Seite vollstaendig oder teilweise in Ihrer Sprache uebersetzen. Zu diesem Zweck genuegt es hier zu klicken.

If you have an idea, an innovation, a project, a patent and if you wish to find partners to develop them, Private Patent® is made for you.

However, we advise you to prepare totally the depositing of your idea . We provided you with spaces of presentation which will help you to enhance it. Please consult and use the guide of the deposit of an idea at your disposal.

We recommend you to consult the documents that we created to accompany you. These documents should allow you to prepare your deposit for the best.

To acceed to various helps and assistances to the deposit of an idea, click on 'Suite' below.

Do not hesitate to deposit your ideas, you have 180 months of free deposit.

ATTENTION : You have to be registered on Private Patent to deposit your idea. If you are not registered yet, click here.

If you are ready to deposit your idea then click directly here.


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