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Sample data can be protected on Private Patent

Generally, the owner of a work of the mind's interest to provide evidence that such is indeed the author.

Numerous items, documents and digital files can be protected on Private Patent, for example :
- Books, pamphlets and other literary, artistic or scientific;
- Lectures, speeches and other works of similar nature;
- Artworks drawing, painting, architecture, sculpture, engraving and lithography;
- Graphical and typographical
- Photographic works and those made using techniques analogous to photography;
- Illustrations, maps;
- Plans, sketches and plastic works relative to geography, topography, architecture and science;
- Software including the preparatory design material;
- ...

To assert his rights, the author must justify the existence of original date of its protection and its copyright status.

Easy to use and meet these three imperatives in the world of the digital original, Private Patent is the answer to this problematic.

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Before depositing an idea, we suggest you to read the depositor's guide at your disposal.

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