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Private Patent is a confidential and secure meeting place between the ideas, the innovations, the inventions and investing or industrial visitors. The ideas, innovations or inventions are presented in a virtual gallery allowing a universal access while guaranteeing the setting off of each idea.

With Private Patent, give breath to your ideas ...

Deposit an idea, an innovation or a project on Private Patent
Why to deposit an idea, an innovation or a project on Private Patent ?
Protect your ideas and your projects at a lower cost.
Assure the diffusion and the development of your ideas and projects.

Consult ideas deposited on Private Patent
Why to consult ideas or innovations on Private Patent ?
From ideas to market... Consult deposited ideas on Private Patent.

Registration on Private Patent
Register to deposit one or several ideas.
Register to consult ideas on Private Patent.

Guides and assistance at your disposal
Consult ideas on Private Patent.
Deposit an idea on Private Patent.

Protect an idea or an innovation.
How to protect an idea ?
Nothing is more fragile than an idea.
Industrial and intellectual protection.
Register a patent.
Deposit a trademark.
The copyright.

Rights and guarantees.
List of the classes of products.
List of the classes of services.

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