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Why to consult ideas on Private Patent® ?

Why to consult ideas on Private Patent ?

If you wish to find an idea, a project, an innovation, a patent… in your sector of activity and if you don’t want to spend the whole of your R&D budget, Private Patent® is made for you.

You will be able to look for ideas and innovations in your sector of activity on Private Patent®, whether they are protected by some patent, Soleau envelope... or not.

If one idea attracts your attention you will have the possibility to consult pages containing the summary of this idea ( 3 pages summary ) as well as its complete presentation. Morevore you will be able to contact the depositor of this idea.

Attention, if you want to consult summaries and entire ideas you have to be registered on Private Patent®. If you are not registered yet, click here. Register free.

If you are ready to consult the ideas deposited on Private Patent®, click directly here and consult the visitor’s guide at your disposal before looking for ideas on Private Patent®

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